About Ally

Ally is the market leader in video analytics and cloud managed solutions. Surveillance video is a business solution and no longer just a security feature. Through video and the data collected, we are able to meet the growing demand for information that directly affects the process, efficiencies, and management of businesses.

With the help of our technology partners, specialized in cutting edge technology, data processing, and results-driven analysis, we deliver a series of groundbreaking solutions that move business forward. And we look forward to the future information can provide.  

What we can do for you

  • Verify worker injuries and insurance claims

  • Verify proper heavy equipment operation

  • Protect against Lawsuits

  • Reduce fraudulent accusations and insurance claims

  • Track office productivity

  • Evaluate workflow and operations efficiencies

  • Reduce hazards and obstructions

  • Deter theft and other criminal activity

  • Reduce vandalism

  • Increase resource utilization

  • Collect analytical data for business process and procedures

  • Verify employee compliance to safety policies

  • Evaluate employee performance and activity

Cameras are capable of so much more. Contact us today for more ideas of ways to use Surveillance to drive business forward.     


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