Better Intelligence

Intelligence is made easier with the power of Axxon Intellect. It has built-in intelligent video and audio analytics to recognize events as they occur, and the ability to respond appropriately. Axxon Intellect provides the option of automatic and automated administration of security systems, including through user-defined scripts for reactions to events.


Video detection tools

Smart video detection tools process camera video and identify events that match certain criteria: motion, object appearance or disappearance, line crossing, and more. These events can be attached to specific system actions, such as beginning recording, sending a signal to the operator, displaying the image on a separate monitor, or starting a complicated custom script.


Forensic search

Our system for smart search in video archives allows quickly finding archived video that matches custom criteria. The criteria (line crossing, motion in area, movement from one area to another, etc.) are set at the time of search; no pre-configuration of detection tools is necessary.


People counting

The people counting detection tool counts the number of people who go from a certain area to another and back again. The detection tool records each time when an object of a certain size moves in any direction.


Queue management

The queue length detection tool counts the number of people standing in view of a video camera that is aimed at a customer queuing area. The detection tool counts the people who stay in the specified area for a specified length of time: only the people who are truly waiting in line are included.


Heat Map

The Heat Map tool allows determining where visitors stop and measuring their linger time in areas of interest. With the detection tool, it is possible to view the "warmest" places at a retail store or any other trafficked location thanks to corresponding visual cues on screen.


Edge analytics

Besides the video analysis functions built into the program, Axxon Intellect Enterprise also supports video detectors embedded in IP cameras and can work with specialized video analysis hardware.