Video components are often repairable and reusable. While we can’t save every system, many issues can be fixed with your existing equipment. Our repair service is prompt and cost-effective. Call us today!

Most VMS maintenance problems are avoidable and can be easy to fix, if you recognize the signs. Often we see problems with connections, component failure, or basic maintenance issues. Our team has the experience to determine most system failures quickly. We may even be able to give you an idea of what the problem is prior to our visit. Call us today!



Many VMS systems are installed and not touched until a problem arises. Often it is too late to avoid costly repairs. Maintain the health of your system with one of our maintenance programs. Our programs include:


  • Clean All Cameras

  • Inspect Cables and Connections

  • Camera Focusing and adjustments

  • System Functionality Testing

  • Inspect Power Supplies

  • Troubleshoot DVR’s and NVR’s

  • Camera Replacement Scheduling

  • And More


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