Drones, are they toys or tools?

The controversy over the use of drones is only becoming more heated as the use of drone technologies increases and embraced. They were a novel idea when my kids starting asking for them as Christmas was coming but when I saw a drone overhead taking pictures of a home for sale, the reality of the future of drone technology is going to be a debated one for the unforeseen future.

Drone technology is starting to have a large impact in the security industry as well. Currently drone technologies are used to patrol areas not easily accessible by human eyes. They are monitoring BLM land for fires, illegal hunting, and animal welfare. They are monitoring high crime neighborhoods, line crossings, and investigating suspicious activity.

The future of Drone Technology

Regardless of how drones are taking on a larger and larger role, they are still a very controversial tool. There are so many applications that they can provide the surveillance that humans are just not able to but drone insurance is becoming mandatory to those who fly drones. Licenses are required and strict regulations are being enforced regarding why and how drones are being flown. Is drone technology a slippery slope to a place that can be more detrimental than beneficial to society? Only time will tell!

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