DIY cameras vs. PRO surveillance

There is a great interest in protecting what is important to us. For most, security cameras are a way to have eyes in many places at once. Stored footage accessible at any time we need to see what is happening. Security cameras are versatile and can be

implemented in a variety of atmospheres - stores, manufacturing plants, schools, homes etc. There are ways to get a security camera system - hire a professional, or do it yourself.

Most off-the-shelf security system packages consist of 4-8 cameras, a recorder, and some manufactured cable. Most of the components are simple and require little to no technical know-how. The cameras will record, and may be reviewed from computer or cell phone. Typically these cameras are on the bottom end of the resolution scale. A warranty on these systems will typically last from 30 days to one year. These systems fall on the less-expensive side, require little professional technique, and fulfill simple requirements for those who just want to see what’s going on.

A professional system will be a better solution for many, but not everyone. Professional installations will consist of robust and industrial grade equipment, used from market-proven manufacturers. Professional installations range from a few cameras to a few hundred cameras, with harmonious synchronization between all components. Functionality may range from basic recording, to heat mapping, people counting, auto-tracking, line-crossing detection, mobile viewing and more. These systems come with no shortages of capabilities, and will require significant programming and configuration - a job best suited for trained professionals. However, these systems come with a price, and fall between the moderate scale to expensive depending on capabilities desired and functionality required. The resolution may range from basic, to extremely high resolution. However, with the price comes reliability as warranties from these systems will range from three to five years, with continuous professional support.

Consider your needs as you contemplate your next video surveillance system. A trained professional, like those at Ally Surveillance, will assist you in determining a system that will be best suited for your situation.

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