Building owners choose to install surveillance cameras for a variety of reasons, but there are 2 major things to consider before making such a large investment for the equipment, installation, and connectivity, of this sometimes complicated and expensive peace of mind.

Business owners often look at security systems as a necessary evil. Because we all have great faith that security is something we should never have to need, costs are often cut when choosing the right video and surveillance system to install. Packaged DIY security systems are right for some businesses, while others can benefit from a more robust solution. There are two important considerations to address when purchasing security camera systems.

Where are you recording?

Before looking to install cameras you will consider where you would like them to be placed. Maybe you are looking to monitor the interior verses exterior of the business. Knowing where you want the cameras will help you determine the other qualities necessary to have the appropriate system installed.

Sometimes, you want those entering the property to know that you have a surveillance system. Other times it is in the best interest to keep cameras tucked away. This decision will help you decide if you can settle for standard camera styles or need something less discreet that can easily be hidden away from prying eyes.

Security cameras cannot just be purchased and placed anywhere. For example, a camera meant for indoor use will not feature a water-resistant housing and will be quickly damaged in the rain. On the other hand, spending money on a weather-proof camera for inside use would simply be a waste.

Why are you recording?

Sometimes cameras are only wanted for what happens after hours or in the dark, Some business owners or building operators see their surveillance systems as a resource for monitoring business activity throughout the day.. If it is one or the other than you can save money by purchasing cameras specifically for the time of day at which they will be recording. This way you don’t pay for features that you won’t be using.

One thing that has not changed in security camera systems is the availability of recording options. You can buy cameras that only record when activated by motion or others that record continuously. Even the old intermittent-snap style cameras are still available for those that don’t need full video.

If you decide to install security cameras, first be sure of why and where you would like to monitor. Based on your answers to those questions, your choices will be vast. Just be sure not to spend money on unneeded features.

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