Four Ways To Protect Business from Crime

In one study of 422 convicted burglars, 83% looked for signs of weakness in security before making an attempt. The points of least resistance included ease of access and visibility. The likely hood of misbehavior dropped dramatically when steps were taken by the business to show concern regarding security. Only 13% of those surveyed said that they would continue with their crime in spite of proactive measures.There are four proactive ways to protect your business for potential criminal activity.

1. Security Systems

2. Access Control Systems

3. Crime Insurance

4. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED):

While we as business owners can take steps to reduce the likely hood of crime and reduce the liability and exposure when something may happen, no plan is fool proof. However, what ever step that may be taken is a step in the right direction. Care for your business and the people who associate with it.

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