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Imagine knowing who exactly your customer is. Their age, their name, their buying behavior, and trends. For a small corner store with repeat customers this may be information that can be collected over time because of the limited patrons. However, on a macro scale, collecting valuable data that can make your business more profitable is much more complicated. The days of a representative standing at the door with a click counter or doors with sound notification,. or entrance sensors are a technology of the past and are no longer viable indicators of how productive a business truly is.

Here is a list of the basic details that can be collected from your surveillance cameras that should be taken advantage of:

1. People counting:

How many people are coming into your store?

Are you tracking shopping carts, pets, kids, or other objects with your sensors?

The ability of counting actual bodies who are at the age of being able to make a purchasing decision is the only count that matters.

2. Motion tracking:

Are people buying product because of the good deal or are they being driven by a different buying pattern?

A local grocer found that it was the placement of a sale item in relation to another product that pushed the sale of the products around it. This information can only be collected with the proper observation.

3. Heat mapping:

Where in your store are people spending the most time?

Is the placement of your product strategic and effective?

Brand names buy specific shelf space because the have found eye level shelves sell more than the bottom of the shelf. However, most stores don't understand where in the store people are spending the most time. Placement of the shelf is more important than what's on it.

There is so much information that is not taken advantage of with the security cameras that already exist. To find out more productive ways to use your existing cameras, reach out to us at Ally Surveillance. Cameras are such an incredible tool. Don't waste them watching the store lose product.


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