Catching someone in the act of theft is always a satisfying experience for any camera owner. Camera footage makes for easy documentation of theft, vandalism, or misconduct. Unfortunately, many of the issues that are attributed to internal misconduct can most easily be tracked by video surveillance.  Nearly $42 billion was lost in the retail industry due to employee theft alone.


The presence of cameras can reduce the possibility of future criminal activity. Everyone is a little more cautious when there’s someone watching. Strategically placing cameras and verification of a surveillance system in the public’s eye can deter crime.


When the question arises about the sequence of events, camera technology is the best way to verify any activity. For example, one of our car dealership clients installed a camera in a service bay. After keys were stolen and care taken, we were able to go back to see which employee did not follow policies and procedures but also see who, when, and where, the suspect was able to commit his crime. This information was then turned over to law enforcement to expedite the investigation. There’s nothing to fight when it is caught on live camera.


Cameras are being used in a whole new direction. Besides using your cameras to track employee behavior, technology can also allow your cameras to be the best marketing and efficiency consultant you will ever hire. Use your cameras to track customer trends, employee activity, machine efficiencies, or even first responders to fire or other threats. With advanced tools such as facial recognition, heat mapping, and video compression technologies, using cameras is opening new opportunities for business.